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A whistle-stop trip to New York, Fashion Week in Milan, a yoga workshop in London — the modern woman of today is highly active and always on the go. Thanks to the SHEEN SHB-100, she can be ready for anything. This smart, elegant ladies' watch can be synchronised via Bluetooth® with any compatible smartphone in order to adjust to the current local time. The Bluetooth® connection also allows access to the dual time display as well as the practical Phone Finder function.

The ideal companion for women who cherish every moment.

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Global time synchroniser

automatic time adjustment

With just the touch of a button, wearers can link their SHEEN watch to their smartphone via Bluetooth® to automatically set the exact local time wherever they are in the world. This feature means that there is no need to manually adjust the time when on a business trip or holiday.

Dual time display

the exact time in 300 cities around the world

Whether you want to see what time it is back home when travelling abroad or if you're planning the day ahead at your destination, the dual time display allows wearers to easily view a second time.

Phone Finder

the practical smartphone tracking feature

Misplaced your smartphone? Whether it's lost in the depths or your handbag or is hidden under a pile of magazines: One push of a button on the SHEEN watch is all it takes to sound a loud acoustic signal from your smartphone — even when set to silent mode. Thanks to this feature, you'll easily be able to find your smartphone again at any time.

Tough Solar

power without having to change the battery

As an independent and environmentally friendly feature, the SHEEN is equipped with a solar cell on its dial that stores energy from sunlight to back up the watch's power supply. Excess solar energy is stored in a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need to replace batteries.

Easily connect to your smartphone

1. Install app

Install the free CASIO WATCH+ app on your smartphone and start the app.

2. Activate Bluetooth®

Activate the Bluetooth® connection on your smartphone.

3. Connect to your SHEEN Bluetooth® watch

Press the Bluetooth® button on your SHEEN and establish the connection to your smartphone.

Bluetooth® compatibility

Supported devices: click here

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